Testing as a Service

// Automated testing for system verification.


Rapid system verification and embedded software validation



The concept of testing as a service offers an effective strategy to support companies in achieving optimal parameterisation, realising fast feedback loops and reducing time-to-market.
In the context of testing and validating embedded systems, automated testing provides an efficient way of identifying and eliminating problems and errors. It provides fast and reliable verification of motor control algorithms (MCTRL) and signal analysis. Compared to manual testing, the test duration for a complete software validation is reduced from 3 weeks to less than 45 minutes. This enables faster integration and verification testing for small changes to the code.

  • Test and validation of embedded systems
  • Efficient issues and bugs identification thanks to automated testing
  • Rapid verification of Motor Control (MCTRL) algorithms and signal analysis especially for businesses operating in fast-paced environments

By leveraging the power of Testing as a Service, companies can significantly reduce their testing costs and improve the overall quality of their products, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth.


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Some facts about Testing as a Service

Automated testing

Short time to market

Optimal parametrization

Rapid verification

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Testing as a Service


MOTEON offers Testing services, which enable optimal parametrization and shorten time-to-market, reduce verification effort by up to 93%, and identify bugs throughout the whole development phase, which decreases project risks and costs.

// High Speed and High Accuracy sampling of real physical signals and software variables

With Testing as a Service, data acquisition systems can be deployed to capture the signals at a rate of 50µs. This allows for the measurement of even the smallest fluctuations in the system, ensuring that the testing results are reliable and accurate.

// Identification of motor parameters via seperated test device

Motor parameters both mechanical and electrical are essential to accurately model and control motor behavior. This approach can be used to fine-tune the motor control algorithms for optimal performance.

// Matlab Simulink Interface for Load Modeling

The Matlab Simulink interface can be used to create load models that can be integrated into the testing environment. This approach allows for the creation of complex load profiles and scenarios, ensuring that the motor operates under a range of conditions.

// Flexible test programming language

Python is a flexible and powerful programming language that is widely used in the scientific and engineering community due to its simplicity and versatility. It can be used as the primary test programming language to create test scripts and control the test environment. This approach makes it easy to write, maintain, and modify test scripts, ensuring that the testing process is efficient and effective.