MOTIX™ Embedded Software Library

// Complement MOTIX™ low-voltage motor control solutions for BLDC motor applications.


MOTIX™ Embedded Software


Embedded Software Libraries (Source: Infineon Technologies AG)


MOTIX™ Embedded Software library enables users to control and define functional performance of various Infineon's MOTIX™ low-voltage motor control solutions through its modularized software architecture and platform. Furthermore, users can also carry out configuration and parameter optimization with ease through an interface to PC-tools.

MOTIX™ Embedded Software library is offered as both, a demo, and a licensed version. The demo variant is free of charge and valid for 6 months. Limited documentation and self-service support can be downloaded from the Infineon Developer Center.



Some facts about the MOTIX™ Embedded Software


Accelerate SW Development

For Productive Purpose

Modular Library Approach

Suitable for different microcontrollers

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MOTIX™ Embedded Software


Software for MOTIX™ low-voltage motor control solutions, to reduce time to market while saving resources and effort.

// Modularized software architecture and platform approach

MOTIX™ Embedded Software library enables users to control and define functional performance of various Infineon microcontrollers through its modularized software architecture and platform approach. It allows scalable software solutions.

// Reduce time to market while saving resources and effort

Effortlessly configure and optimize parameters to get your motor spinning. Through automated testing and test coverage reporting, production ready quality is ensured. Thus, helps to ensure to quickly develop of proof-of-concept and get a qualified software for productive usage in short time.

// Customized Application Software based on MOTIX™ Software

Full application software development according to requirement specification of customers. Customized solution including diagnosis, framework and special motor control feature to achieve highest performance for you solution.

Application Software Development

// Seamless software service as premium offering

The seamless software deployment by employing professional parametrization and simulation service. The Motor-SW-Launch (MSL) service facilitates the initiation of series development by employing professional software parametrization for customer's motor and electronics.


Motor-SW-Launch (MSL) service

License Models


Tool for your individual use case



MOTIX™ Tools are a set of software and online tools, which allow users to carry out a range of tasks, e.g. configuring, evaluating and prototyping


Configuration Tools

is a graphical user interface for MOTIX™ products to evaluate and configure MOTIX™ products. For example, the MOTIX™ Solution Designer allows users to analyze, debug and tune your motor control application based on Infineon’s MOTIX™ Embedded Software Library.

Simulation & Modellingtools

allow for efficient prototyping of design and calculation of right values and parameters. For example, one of the simulations and modelling tools is power dissipation tool. Which helps users to easily calculate power dissipation of selected devices.

Finder & Selection Tools

are parametric search tools, which for finding the right microcontroller or simulation model as per their required parameters. For instance, the simulation model finder would enable the user to search and select the right simulation according to product model, product category, model language, etc.


are tools which enable users to accomplish a range of tasks such as get readings, analyze data and create dashboards. Utilities consist of Micro Inspector Pro and Memory Analyzer.


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