Mechatronic Integration

// In-house development and prototyping of system demonstrators.


Mechatronic Integration and Manufacturing


Mechatronic integration includes the design and implementation of application-specific integrated systems with embedded electronics and actuators for functional models and system demonstrators. For this purpose, state-of-the-art construction and connection techniques are considered and an application-oriented, material-appropriate design is implemented.

The system prototypes are created in-house on the basis of rapid prototyping technologies or technologies close to industrialization.


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In-house Design and Prototyping

  • Functional and structural implementation of system designs or sub-components as part of a system
  • Production-oriented and application-oriented design of structural elements made of different materials
  • Manufacturing based on rapid-prototyping technologies and technologies close to industrialization
  • In-house production or assembly of small sample series (<100 parts)
  • Support of target cost development

Component Integration

  • Consideration of various integration techniques in context of pump and fan applications
  • A major focus is on the selection and implementation of suitable interface technologies
  • Consideration of topics related to electrical boundary conditions, electromagnetic compatibility, heat dissipation, mechanical stresses, sealing, bearing, etc.

Rapid Proof-of-Concept

  • Custom-fit design of embedded motors or electronics allows rapid system integration in existing costumer applications (functional and demonstration samples)
  • Consideration of the given interface conditions in the design (electrical-, mechanical-, thermal- interfaces)

Customization for Verification

  • Constructive integration of customer-specific systems or subsystems (motor, electronics) for measurement on our own test benches
  • Consideration of application-specific secondary functions (heat dissipation, EMC, etc.) for a representative characterization of the application
  • Embedded software demo code for evaluation
  • Test and evaluation of design, functionality and performance on test bench