MOTEON as company

{ Learn more about us and our working principles.

MOTEON as company

{ Motor control is our passion. That's why our highly qualified and motivated team constantly strives for innovations of embedded motor control solutions. MOTEON is based in Ilmenau and although we are a relatively young start-up, we are glad to already be an Infineon Preferred Design House. A shorter time to market and reduced development costs are our key value propositions. We ensure a holistic approach to address the application requirements and support the technological leadership of our clients.

Our Vision: To be The Preferred Service Provider for motor control.
We want to provide our customers end-to-end development with our cross-functional expertise. Whether its software or hardware, prototyping or full system development, we help our customers understand their problems and solve them together with us.

Some facts about MOTEON


Our constantly growing team consists of over 30 experts.


MOTEON is located in the heart of Thuringia.

Infineon Preferred Design House

We are proud to be an Infineon Preferred Design House (PDH).

ISO 9001 & TISAX®

In order to meet the high expectations of our customers, we have obtained ISO 9001 & TISAX® certification.

What you get with us


End-to-end development

{ We believe software and system know how is an important part of the value creation for motor control. With our cross-functional expertise we are able to provide an end-to-end project set-up from system engineering, mechanical, electrical and motor design to automated code generation and embedded software.


Turn-key development

{ As a turn-key product development company, we support you in all phases. From the simulation of the first prototype to system solution engineering leveraging into series production, MOTEON is at your side.


Efficient development

{ We win the customers` hearts by reducing design-in efforts, identifying bugs in an early stage of development and shorten time-to-market. This is only possible thanks to our advanced simulation equipment, automated testing and automatic code generation tools.


Excellent quality

{ Satisfied customers are business-critical, so we strive to exceed their expectations. We are determined to deliver our very best according to high quality and required automotive standards. To ensure the best possible quality, our quality management is aligned with ISO 9001.

Our core values as a company


Customer fixation

{ We are flexible in what we do in order to adapt perfectly to our customers' wishes.


{ Technology never stagnates. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new ideas and optimizations.


{ We stand behind our actions and take responsibility for them.


{ We respect our customers' work and always perform our tasks for them as if it were our own business.

Team spirit

{ We believe in teamwork. No one can know everything. But as a team we can.

Pursue excellence

{ Only those who set the highest standards for themselves can meet the high demands of others.

Effective communication

{ We don't beat around the bush. Effective communication is straightforward and honest.


{ Our goal is to enable our customers to achieve faster time-to-market and lower development costs.

On time

{ To be the preferred service provider, we are committed to deliver not only within scope and budget, but also on time.