Software Development

// MOTEON is motor control.


Transforming software specifications into complete applications


We offer customized motor control software for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and brushless motors (BLDC) for wide range of microcontroller. MOTEON uses code generation to provide advanced motor control features with advanced start up behaviors', high or low-load performance as well as high and low-speed control. This includes the development and integration of:

  • framework, diagnosis, communication (LIN, CAN FD, Ethernet, UART)
  • peripheral driver libraries (PDL) or low level drivers (LLD)

We are specialized on motor control solutions for Arm® Cortex®-M0/M3/M4/M7 such as MOTIX™ Embedded Power ICs (TLE987x / TLE989x), XMC™ 1000 / 4000 / 7000 as well as Infineon TRAVEO™.

Whether you need highly customized software or only small embedded software adaptations, MOTEON is at your side to support your development.


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Some facts about Software Development

Expertise in a wide range of algorithmic applications

Up-to-date with
the latest industry trends
and technologies

Comprehensive support from requirements gathering to deployment

Strong focus on efficiency, reliability and performance

Your benefits at a glance



Software development as a service


The most significant benefit lies in the software being developed precisely according to your specific requirements. With our experienced team in software development, we will assist you in parameterizing algorithms or adapting existing software to meet your needs.

// Enhanced System Integration due to embedded software adaptation and tuning

Our software development process considers hardware compatibility, ensuring that the software seamlessly integrates with your target hardware platform. This reduces compatibility issues and enhances the stability and reliability of your systems.

// Fitted to run on various operating systems and hardware architecture

Our software development expertise extends to cross-platform support, enabling your applications to run on various operating systems and hardware architectures with consistent performance and functionality.

// Software modularity to maintain and update individual modules without affecting the entire system

Our software components are designed with modularity in mind, making it easier to maintain and update individual modules without affecting the entire system. This promotes code reusability and facilitates future software enhancements.

// Real-Time performance minimizing latency and ensuring timely execution

For applications requiring real-time response, our embedded software adaptations and tuning focus on minimizing latency and ensuring timely execution. This allows your systems to handle critical tasks and data processing with minimal delay.

Software Libraries

Software Development

Modular Software Libraries Full Application Software
Qualifies acc. to reference specification Customizes acc. to stakeholder requirements
PC-Tools for easy configuration and parameter optimization Performance optimized for customer system
(motor and electronics)
Premium support is covered within project license fee,
limited hours
Motor-SW-Launch Service included
Documentation and software integration example Software integration & system verification
Target Customer: own software department & mechatronic integration & development competencies Target Customer: limited resource in software as well as application development and know-how for software integration



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