Mechatronic Development

// Supporting your mechatronic component's development.


Combining several expertise to provide customized mechatronic design


We offer comprehensive support for the development of mechatronic components.

  • Simulation & feasibility studies to assess performance, functionality and reliability
  • Layout design of the mechatronic components to optimize performance and space utilization
  • Specializing in motor, electric, and mechanical design for mechatronic systems
  • Tailored and cost effective design for motor, electric, and mechanical components

We combine expertise in simulation, layout design, and motor, electric and mechanical design to deliver solutions that meet your specific needs, in terms of mechatronic component development.


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Your support for the development of mechatronic components

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Some facts about the Mechatronic Development Service

Feasibility studies for risk mitigation

Integration of multiple disciplines

Continuous improvement process based on
simulation and testing

Customization for specific requirements

Hardware Development

  • Schematic and PCB Design depending on the respective requirements
  • Thermal and electrical simulations
  • Complete electronics testing

Design of application-specific electronics on functional sample level and manufacturing of prototypes for target system integration.


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Mechatronic Integration

  • In-house design and prototyping of customized components
  • Test and evaluation of motor control applications
  • Evaluation and Implementation of application-specific integration and interface technologies

Full in-house mechatronic system development and prototyping capability as well as customer-specific adaption of subcomponents.


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Magnetic Circuit Design

  • Determination and evaluation of motor topology concepts
  • FEM Design to optimize the magnetic performance
  • Prototyping of functional models

Concept and design of application-specific motor topology, considering cost efficient magnet materials, benchmarking and manufacturing of prototypes.

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Thermal Design

  • Determination of power losses for thermal studies
  • Modelling of PCB models using PCB Design Tool
  • Simulation of time-dependent influences and behavior

Mechanical design investigation with the assistance of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) flow simulations enable early detection and optimization of critical thermal paths.

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