Motor Analysis Tool

// The quick way to analyze your motor's operation range.


MOTEON Motor Analysis Tool



Before the development of any motor control software, it is vital to understand how much torque the motor can produce at different speeds required by the application.

The MOTEON Motor Analysis Tool shows the limit and capability of a motor and its range of operation. The tool also includes accurate visualizations of potential ranges by considering external conditions such as voltage, operating modes, the device temperature, and system parameters like tolerances.

MOTEON Motor Analysis Tool is offered as a trial and a premium version. The premium version is €399 Annually, while the trial variant is free of charge.



Your benefits at a glance



Motor Analysis Tool as an interface


A major benefit of the MOTEON Motor Analysis Tool is the quick visualization of your motors’ parameters. This helps communication between different project members or groups (customers, developers, etc.) and empowers the development of high-quality motor control software.

// Identify if the motor is suitable for the target application

Identifying if a selected motor is a good fit for a specific application early in the development process is highly beneficial as it can reduce the risk of unexpected problems during later stages of software development.

// Analysis of motor behavior across different operating temperatures

The motor parameters vary significantly with the device's temperature. The Motor Analysis Tool shows the impact that temperature has on the operating range you selected.

// Comparison between two motor parameter sets

Identify the operating ranges of two motors for your application, analyze different motor configurations, and parameter ranges with different voltage and current restrictions.

// Save and load selected target points to/from a file

The Motor Analysis Tool lets you store and reuse previously selected target operation points. These selected points will be included in a report file along with important additional information, such as expected efficiency and current setpoints.

Motor Analysis Tool with impressive features

  • Determine required torque and rotor speed values for target operation
  • Analyze changing operating conditions like supply voltages, temperatures, or parameter tolerances
  • Study required operating modes (MTPA, field-weakening) ahead of implementation
  • Analyze the best d and q-axis current set points to minimize power consumption
  • Calculate expected motor efficiency in all operation ranges and target points


Motor Analysis Tool for various use cases

  • Design engineers have the capability to evaluate motor capacities and choose the best device for a specific application

  • Application Engineers can weigh the benefits of implementing different operating modes, necessary before starting software development

  • Requirement Engineers can test and validate proposed requirements by verifying a motor's operating range


Basic and advanced plots

Torque-speed plot


The different plot lines represent different operational modes that are used. The abbreviations are defined as:

  • Zero d-Current
  • MTPC: Maximum Torque per Current
  • FW: Field Weakening
  • Resistive FW: Field Weakening with consideration of the phase resistance


Device temperature plot


To understand how torque and speed vary at different temperatures this plot can be used, and you can specify which temperature values you want to include. Once generated, the plot is included in your report. So, if you're looking for a comprehensive analysis of this relationship, our service has got you covered.


License models


Key Features

Trial Version
(Free of Charge)

Premium Version
(€399 Annually)

Basic Plots: Torque-Speed and Operating modes plots
Analysis of target set points with expected efficiency and more
Calculations of motor efficiency in all operating ranges
Power Consumption and Voltage Supply plots  
Operating temperatures and Tolerance parameters  
Generating an in-depth report for plot analysis  
Itended for professional use  
Customer support  



Product Brief
Quick Start Guide
  1. Download and install the latest version of the Motor Analysis Tool
    from the Infineon Developer Center.

  2. Acquire a licensed version or use the basic functionality.

  3. Enter your motor parameters into the Motor Analysis Tool.

  4. Analyze the results to get to know your motor.

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