MOTEON als Team

// Lerne die Personen hinter MOTEON kennen.

MOTEON als Team

We believe in teamwork. Keiner kann alles wissen. Aber als Team können wir es. Durch regelmäßige Workshops und Schulungen mit unseren Teams verbessern wir ständig unsere Fähigkeiten und fördern unseren Teamgeist. Unser ständig wachsendes Team besteht aus über 30 Experten , die in spezialisierten Gruppen für folgende Bereiche arbeiten:

Jedes Team braucht eine Führungskraft

“As Head of PJM I am proud to be part of this young and innovative team. For me it is a challenging and fulfilling task to establish a resilient project management to satisfy our customers."

Ute K. - Head of Project Management

"As a HW engineer, I contribute to the development of efficient mechatronic systems and provide the basis for software development. In this regard, the design of an electronics is very versatile. I'm proud to be Head of Mechatronics and to be a part of the MOTEON team.”

Robin Z. - Head of Mechatronics

"For me, the exciting thing about working as Head of Tools & Testing at MOTEON is the variety of tasks. We test mechatronic systems as well as the software behind them and develop new hardware tools such as the Tracebox or a Motor Test Bench from scratch."

Tommy J. - Head of Tools & Testing

“Being a control engineer for electrical drives combines a variety of interesting topics, ranging from the design of the feedback system, automatic code-generation to simulation and modeling. Our simulation-driven approach enables a fast and efficient software development for embedded targets. As head of the System Modeling and Control group at MOTEON I'm excited to lead a team of young, motivated and highly-skilled engineers.”

Benjamin J. - Head of System Modeling & Control

„Reducing CO2 emission and further pushing electro-mobility needs the right components in electronics and best algorithms for their control. As group lead for the corresponding PC Tool development I am really happy to also drive these topics with the necessary tools in an atmosphere of friends."

Dr. Sandro Purfürst - Group Lead of PC Tool Development

Christian Daniel
Chief Executive Officer

“At MOTEON, we care deeply about what we do and the impact our products & services have on clients. Our ambition is to drive a high-performance culture, giving our employees the possibility to grow and innovate. “

Christian hat einen Master-Abschluss in Elektrotechnik und hatte mehrere Führungspositionen in der Systemtechnik und im Marketing. Nach seinem Wechsel zu Infineon Technologies im Jahr 2014 übernahm er 2024 die Rolle des CEO von MOTEON.

Philip Würfel
Chief Marketing Officer

“Automated testing and code generation are key components to accelerate the design cycles and reduce bug fixing costs through concurrent testing and simulation. I’m excited to drive customer excellency as part of the MOTEON team."

2013 - 2018 war Philip Projektleiter für Strategie- und M&A-Projekte bei der OSRAM AG und sammelte Erfahrungen in der Strategie für APAC in Shanghai. 2018 wechselte er zu Infineon in den Bereich Produktmarketing für SBC. Seit 2020 war Philip CEO und später CMO von MOTEON.

Dr. Veit Zöppig
Chief Technology Officer

“Electric motors contribute with high shares to the overall energy consumption (up to 75% in the industrial sector). It is very motivating to contribute to a significant reduction by combining modern technologies. In my position as CTO, I enjoy to co-ordinate a highly skilled and motivated team and to contribute to a very particular living and working atmosphere.”

Nach seiner Promotion in Mikro-Mechatronik im Jahr 1998 war Veit in der mechatronischen Forschung und im Technologietransfer tätig. Im Jahr 2010 war er Mitbegründer von driveXpert, einem RnD-Dienstleister. Im Jahr 2020 kam er als CTO zu MOTEON.

Bernd Wittstock
Chief Financial Officer

“It's my great pleasure to be MOTEON's CFO. Together with a passionate team of talented people, I want to shape our company and develop new business models that make our customers successful in a transforming industry."”

Bernd hat einen Master-Abschluss in Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Elektrotechnik und ist seit 2004 bei Infineon Technologies. Er hatte verschiedene Managementpositionen in den Bereichen Finanzen, Marketing und Operations inne, erwarb Führungserfahrung und verbrachte mehrere Jahre im Ausland. Im Jahr 2020 übernahm er die Rolle des CFO bei MOTEON.